Sparking Speech are operating to very strict infection control protocols during face-to-face clinic appointments.

Speech and language therapy is recognised as an essential service. We are happy to provide written verification of appointments in case you are stopped at Garda checkpoints. ⁣

Pre-Appointment Household Health Checks

Families will be contacted 24 hours before their appointment and asked to complete a medical questionnaire that will include information about COVID-19 symptoms. Families are asked not to book or attend appointments if anyone in their household has had any symptoms within the last 14 days.

Temperature Check

Digital temperature checks will be taken before entering the clinic room. Staff will be charting their temperature daily.

Face Mask/Covering

Parents are asked to wear a face mask/covering at all times during their child’s appointment, unless they are medically except from doing so.

Your Appointment

For initial appointments families will be given the option to complete the parent consultation/case history portion of the assessment via video call/phone call. Following the assessment block, the feedback session will take place via via video call/phone call.

If possible we are asking families to only have one parent present during clinic appointments to minimise the amount of people in the clinic room. At this time we are also not allowing siblings to be brought to sessions for the same reason.

Please arrive on time to avoid overlap between appointments. You may be asked to wait outside, or rebook if you are late.

Please do not bring any unnecessary bags or coats into the clinic room. 

Personal Protective Equipment

Staff will be wearing the necessary personal protective equipment at all times ie. masks, aprons, gloves, face shields.

Hand Sanitiser & Washing

The SLT, child/teenager and their parent/carer will practice hand hygiene at the beginning and end of each session with alcohol based hand gel.

Infection Control – Resources

We have removed all soft toys from our clinic room.

Resources/toys used during clinic sessions are quarantined for a minimum of 72 hours following the session and they are then washed with hot water and detergent and then disinfected.

Where possible our assessment materials will be presented on an iPad. This is disinfected after each session.

We are ventilating our clinic room and conducting a deep clean after each session.


We are currently encouraging families to make card payments or to transfer payment via Revolut. We continue to accept cash payment; however, we ask families to put cash in a sealed bag which we do not open for a minimum of 72 hours.