Clinical Supervision

Supervision is a “relationship-based activity which enables practitioners to reflect upon the connection between task and process within their work. It provides a supportive, administrative and development context within which responsiveness to clients and accountable decision-making can be sustained” (Davies, 2000, p. 204).

Supervision (managerial and professional) comprises three different overlapping functions (Proctor, 1987):

Formative: relating to the educational development of each practitioner to enhance their full potential, including:

  • Developing knowledge and skills
  • Increasing self-awareness
  • Reflecting on practice
  • Integrating theory into practice
  • Facilitating professional reasoning

Normative: relating to the promotion and maintenance of good standards of work, ethical practice, accountability and adherence to policies of administration, including:

  • Clarification of roles and responsibilities
  • Work load management
  • Review and assessment of work
  • Addressing organisation and practice issues

Restorative: relating to the maintenance of harmonious working relationships with a focus on morale and job satisfaction, including:

  • Developing a sense of professional self-worth
  • Sustaining practitioner morale
  • Dealing with job-related stress

These dimensions demonstrate the breadth of possibility within supervision. They provide a structure for both the supervisee and supervisor to negotiate the balance of content and to review these within sessions and over time.

Sparking Speech provide supervision services for Speech and Language Therapists who are required to have a Senior therapist advise, coach and assist them with their clinical work.

Professional supervision is available for basic grade or senior SLTS. The following supervision supports are available on a ‘Pay Per Use’ basis, priced as follows:

60 minutes mentoring (face-to-face/ remote supervision) – €100

Email case query – €20 per answer

Phone follow up –    €1 per minute

If you require regular supervision, please get in touch to discuss your needs and a plan can be arranged.


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