As a teacher, with 37 years’ experience (10 of these as a SENCo), as well as having been involved in teacher and practitioner training over the past 5 years, I would like to say that I have never seen a more effective model of external expert involvement with children who have speech and language difficulties, than that being practiced in Canterbury Nursery by Aoife.

I am very grateful for the skills and techniques I have learned from her, as are the other teachers and practitioners at Canterbury. The value that she has added to children’s lives by helping the children to gain the gift of speech and ability to express themselves cannot be over stated. This is helping the children in so many areas of Personal and Social development, especially in their relationships at home and at nursery. As the children learn to express their needs they become less frustrated, which impacts hugely in the area of behaviour management for their parents.

I know that the parents of the children who Aoife has worked hugely appreciate her work, which has been life-changing for them too.