AAC Support

What is Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)?

AAC stands for:

Augmentative Communication – to add to or supplement mouth words

Alternative Communication – to replace mouth words with other forms of communication 

AAC devices, systems, strategies and tools can be used by anyone who experiences difficulties in communicating reliably using mouth words (speech).

How Can Sparking Speech Help?

Aoife is passionate about AAC and about ensuring that every child has access to a robust communication system. 

She has many years experience supporting AAC users and she regularly engages in continuing professional development (CPD) in this area. Aoife has attended the following specialised training:

  • PODD (2-Day Training Course)
  • LAMP (1-Day Training Course),
  • Webinars & Independent Study – Proloquo, Proloquo2Go, Grid Supercore, Snap Core, Cough Drop
  • AAC & GLP – Meaningful Speech
  • Authentic AAC – Learn Play Thrive
  • Makaton


Online Advice Clinic

For parents who wish to seek advice from a Speech & Language Therapist. This is a 1:1 online consultation with Aoife where you can discuss the need for AAC, different AAC systems available, how to model AAC and  how to support your Gestalt Language Processor (GLP) using their AAC system.  

Any need for referrals will be discussed during the session if applicable. Written advice will be provided following your session. 

* Note: This is not a therapy service. 

Book your preferred appointment here 

Parent Group AAC Modelling

An 8-week online group for parents focusing on AAC modelling and implementation. 

In this group programme you will:

  • Learn how to model a range of communication functions using your child’s AAC device
  • Learn how to personalise & programme their device to support their style of language development (Gestalt Language Processors & Analytical Language Processors)
  • Understand the key principles of AAC modelling and be able to implement them into your practice
  • Get personalised feedback on the weekly feedback that you provide

Starting with an individual session where we will set up your child’s AAC device to support their communication. We then meet weekly in a group setting to learn more about AAC modelling and implementation in daily life.

* Note: To take part in this group it is essential that your child already has a designated AAC device or that you have an iPad with the chosen AAC software (App).

The current AAC Modelling Parent Group is full and the next group will start in the new year. Sign up to our newsletter here to be the first to find out when it re-opens. 

Training & Workshops

We are passionate about knowledge sharing and delivering high quality, evidenced based, Neuro-Affirmative training packages for parents, teachers, organisations and early childhood educators.

Providing online webinars and in-school training for teachers working with AAC in the classroom. 

Previous training & webinars include: 

  • Getting Started with Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) in the Classroom
  • Getting Started with Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC)
  • Implementing Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) Systems

View our Training & Workshops page for all current and upcoming trainings. Our school training brochure can be found here.

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