Space Communication Board (Physical Board)

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This two-sided space communication board (high-colour contrast & low-colour contrast) ensures that all children have access to the fringe vocabulary needed to communicate during play

You can use communication boards during play by pointing to the key words in your sentence as you’re talking. By doing this, you are giving your child a visual that they can see and eventually point to in interactions/communications. By combining the visual with a written word, you can also start to increase your child’s literacy.

Research shows us that by providing children with visual communication supports and by presuming competence, we support them to learn language they can use to communicate with a range of people, in a range of places, for a range of reasons (e.g. commenting, saying “no”, requesting, asking a question).

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The boards have been designed using the colours from the adapted Fitzgerald Key:

  • Orange – Nouns
  • Green – Verbs
  • Yellow – Pronouns
  • Blue – Adjectives
  • Pink – Prepositions & Social Words
  • Purple – Questions
  • Red – Negation & Emergency Words
  • Brown – Adverbs
  • Grey – Determiners (e.g. a, the)
  • White – Conjunctions (e.g. because, but)

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